Employee Benefits

Being a specialty niche broker, JLT Belgibo has acquired an expertise and know-how in respect of a very broad range of employee benefits solutions, domestic and foreign. We offer an excellent service with respect to the employee benefits insurance package of your company. Our personal commitment, independence and expertise enable us to deliver added value to our clients.

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals are able to help with all challenges our clients face. Law changes, financial market evolutions, demographic evolution, demands of employees and unions, internationalisation, government control systems, countries at war, terrorist attacks, are some of the challenges that we face together.

Our organisation, our flexibility and our creativity is tested every day. We have learnt to organise ourselves in such a way so that we can be confident about our future. We’re able to set course for a long term relationship with our clients.

Employee benefits insurance is a constantly moving and changing object that requires monitoring, maintenance and guidance. In one word: service. We support our clients and their HR-department for all types of employee benefits insurance. Whether it is for a personal life insurance for one of the directors, a bonus scheme for the sales team, or the medical cost insurance for the expats, our service remains primordial.

Employee benefits package

JLT Belgibo helps its clients with audit and design of their employee benefits package. We rework existing packages and can help create new packages. Always together with our clients and in function of their own HR policy and budget.

When companies merge we are there to help them design the solution to harmonise their blue and white collar statuary agreements. Once a design has been approved, JLT Belgibo handles and guides its implementation towards all insurance companies involved.

Daily administration and claims handling

Administration is often very time consuming and complex. Our expertise and knowledge of the insurance market enables us to help our clients to tackle administrative hurdles and handle their administration smoothly. We fully understand the processes, sort things out and get things going.

Our claims department is very capable in handling and guiding all claims. And we are an excellent partner for our clients in negotiations and discussions with insurance companies.

Information, communication, documentation

Clients appreciate our group and individual information sessions with their employees. We make them understand and appreciate what they receive from their employer regarding the employee benefits insurance package. As an independent third party, we’re also an excellent spokesperson to your unions and your management. We keep our clients posted about their obligations, the consequences of law changes, possible future issues and problems. And we will help them avoid liabilities. We provide and discuss clear “policy summaries” of all handled insurance contracts. We deliver all documentation for internal communications and reporting, whether it is to employees, management or unions.

Cost efficiency

JLT Belgibo always looks for economies of scale and cost saving possibilities, e.g. through pooling systems, experience ratings, contract renewals and with regards to market appetite. Compared to normal salary, alternative remuneration systems with fiscal advantages can save costs. A bonus pension scheme, opposed to a cash bonus payment, for instance is a perfect way to optimise the employers’ cost and the employee’s net return. However, we are convinced that content of cover, solvability of the insurance company and quality service of all parties involved are evenly, may be more, important than the cost related aspect.