Professional Services

From a global point of view, the professional services industry is the largest contributor to the Belgian GDP.

Considering Belgium’s (geographical) position in international trade, it will not come as a surprise that the sector of transport and logistics takes a major share in this part of our economy, with the so called ‘free professions’ as a strong second.

JLT Belgibo provides risk advisory and insurance broking services to SME’s and large domestic and multi-national companies active in a wide variety of professional services.

As a stepping stone to our services, we always start by advising our clients on their insurance requirements, ensuring that they understand the likelihood and potential severity of the risks they face, the options available to mitigate these risks and the potential cost of doing so.

Secondly, we advise the most comprehensive coverage and program design and then source the most competitive terms from the insurance market from all over the world.

When claims do occur, our full-time dedicated claims specialists protect our client’s interest by:

  • Ensuring clients’ are compliant with policy claims conditions
  • Attending surveys
  • Negotiate with insurers to ensure prompt settlement.